Write For Us

When we say write for us, we’re referring to much more than the Emerald. Us includes the writers, residents, laborers, educators, youth, entrepreneurs, homemakers, philosophers, civil servants, activists, businesses, and organizations that are intricately woven into the rich tapestry that is south Seattle.

Unfortunately, they are most often missing from the stories which form the prevailing narrative of the south Seattle area found in the majority of media outlets. Instead, our area is routinely portrayed as being composed of nothing more than senseless violence, urban decay, and basketball.

Conspicuously absent from the stories told about us is the creativity of our artists, the ideas of our thinkers, and the dynamism of our community. That is why it is long past due that we stop having our story told for us, and we tell it ourselves because it is a story that tells us who we are. It is a story that conditions our aspirations. It is a story that constructs the definitions we inhabit. It is a story that reveals our past and informs our future. It is a story, your story, when told authentically, that forces people to view you from your perspective and not the one they find most convenient.

We strongly encourage all those who live, work and frequent the south Seattle area to aid us in adding to our story by contributing to the South Seattle Emerald. Should you have an article idea or news tip, please contact us at tips@seattleemerald.org. To submit fiction or poetry, please see the guidelines linked below.

Fiction Submission Guidelines

Poetry Submission Guidelines

Amplifying the Authentic Narratives of South Seattle