Triple Trumpet Threat Playing The Royal Room

by Gus Marshall

If you believe an overused dictum, good things tend to come in threes. The Royal Room certainly does.

On Thursday night the venue hosts three different top-notch musicians born in three different cities in Washington will play three different sets of music with three different sets of musicians. And while these three different ensembles vary in style and compositions, they are all interconnected by one of jazz’s most influential instruments, the trumpet. 

The Thomas Marriott Quintet is an all-star outfit comprised of Seattle’s jazz juggernauts Tim Kennedy (piano), Geoff Harper (bass), Rick Mandyck (saxophone), and Dominic Lecoutrier (drums), led by the home town hero, composer and accomplished trumpeter Thomas Marriott. Together they possess the ability to conjure up trance- inducing tonal qualities while staying well within the boundaries of contemporary jazz.

Jared Hall and Hallways are a sophisticated jazz troupe lead by the Spokane based composer and trumpeter Jared Hall featuring Mark Taylor (alto saxophone), John Hansen (piano), Ben Feldman (bass), and Matt Jorgensen (drums). Hall’s smooth mellow tone has a classy delivery evoking a relaxing reflective experience.

Nathan Breedlove. [Photo courtesy of the artist]
Nathan Breedlove and The Nu Trio is “a hardcore jazz unit formed for the purpose of spreading cultural spirit”. The Nu Trio fronted by Tacoma born international jazz sensation Nathan Breedlove manifests a dreamy vibe with drifting melodies supported by a relentless percussive attack supplied by drummer Brian Kirk. Bassist Phil Sparks could be considered the glue of the band, holding trumpet and drums together by blending melody with rhythm and taking an abstract free expression and framing it into a purposeful piece of art.

Their slower somber tunes can evoke a tonal sadness while their more upbeat numbers express feelings of excitement and exploration. Nathan Breedlove and the cosmic Nu Trio occupy the space and sounds between chaos and calmness simultaneously.

What: Triple Trumpet Thursday 

Where: The Royal Room. 5000 Rainier Ave S

When: Thursday January 18, 2018

Cost: $15 



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