South End Stew: Are We?

by Tiffani Jones

We are all sister and brothers,
But are we truly friends if we kill one another?
Are we truly caring if we are stilling destroying the land of which is our mother?

We are all cousins and friends,
But I thought family was supposed to stick together to the end?
I thought we were supposed to borrow from others and give our stuff to lend.

We just take, take, take
And say mine, mine, mine
But how can anything be just yours all the time?
If nothing is shared how can we deeply be fine?

Weren’t we all created equal?
Shouldn’t we all be treated the same?
How can this happen when we keep playing this racist game?
How can we continue if evil is part of the fame?
Just accept it, move on
Instead of finding someone to blame?

We must stop this before we boil over our limit.
This generation didn’t start it, but the generation can end it.