A digital illustration of a fictional girl meditating with ideas around her

POETRY: Ancestral Medicine

by Kendra Hale

In the landscape of my body
Exists the imprint of trillions of cells
With stories, wisdom, soul aches, and soul breaks
Bound with ribbons of our interconnectedness
Cloaked in every color
I’m unveiling
My own humanity
and theirs too
A stretching expression of the bond between this self
Past eras, lifetimes, their memories
Enmeshed with mine
Tucked inside what was then
Exists right now
My landscape
Is their landscape
Ancestral lessons roaring in my mind’s eye
Anchoring my feet’s path
through the abrasiveness, exhaustion, and liberation of shedding old skin
To then anoint it with oils of my ancestral roots
To adopt new lenses, travel new galaxies
Moon gazing, star chasing
Heart racing as my soul traces
The medicine of my ancestors

A Washington Native, Kendra is an ever-evolving writer who favors exploring themes of earth elementals, ecosystems, galaxies, humanity, soul, dreams, and trauma. She is immersed in healing justice and anti-oppressive practices with a fierce commitment to Black Liberation. 

📸 Featured image by SugaBom86/Shutterstock.com.

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