Sunday Stew: Blue Collar Review

by Larry Crist

This Kind of Work

leaves the hands hard

the mind soft

all day

day after day

it takes its toll

on the ears

the back

your knees

the arches in your feet

The kind of work

you can wear the same shirt

2 days in a row

don’t need to shave or

clean your nails

drilling, pounding, lifting



inserting something into something

to code

to specifications

as other eyes inspect

rampant curses

sonic boom belching

the hollow slam of a plastic door

to the latrine

The check in the mail

already spent

The kind of work

they warned you of

if you didn’t do what they said

and you didn’t

and now you do


Larry Crist‘s first poetry collection Undertow Overtures is available through Amazon and select NW bookstores. He lives in Seattle.

Painting: “Hard Work” by Sara Bogen

One thought on “Sunday Stew: Blue Collar Review”

  1. This is brilliant. Sparse, efficient, crystal clear. You’ve accurately portrayed the experience of millions of souls in 100 words or less.