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Congestive Failure

by Geov Parrish

Mayor Jenny Durkan’s announcement that she wants the city to come up with a plan for “congestion pricing,” to toll surface streets in downtown and South Lake Union, is only the latest in a growing tradition of city policies that are meant to sound and feel good, but that are deeply delusional and throw Seattle’s working poor under the bus – in this case, literally. Continue reading Congestive Failure

The 5th Estate: Mayoral Primary Special

by Hanna Brooks Olsen, Marcus Harrison Green, and DJ Martinez 

The band’s back together! The 5th Estate crew (Hanna, Marcus, and DJ) reunited last week to discuss the climax of Seattle’s crazy mayoral primary, what to expect in the general election now that the dust has settled a bit, and their hopes for the Seattle electorate. Additionally ,they have a few laughs with some special guest, and advice guru The Beauster himself stops by to play a Seattle politics word association game.