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Seattle City Council Rejects Resolution to Restart Human Services Department Director Hiring Process

by Emerald Staff

An effort to block the appointment of Jason Johnson as the head of the Human Services Department failed March 4 in a Seattle City Council meeting.

Councilmember Kshama Sawant proposed a resolution that would send the appointment of Johnson back to Mayor Jenny Durkan for a complete search and hiring process involving community members and stakeholders in the process.

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OPINION: Passionate Testimony Brightens a Bleak Seattle Budget

by Geov Parrish

Sept. 23, hundreds packed Seattle City Council chambers and an overflow room for their first chance to offer public testimony on Mayor Jenny Durkan’s proposed 2019-20  budget, and potential council amendments to it. Some 140 people and groups signed up to offer testimony in what turned out to be a frequently emotional four-hour marathon that hopefully left council members — at least those who weren’t looking at their phones all evening — a lot to think about. To her credit, Councilmember Sally Bagshaw chaired the hearing with a notably fairer and more restrained hand than council President Bruce Harrell employs in contentious council meetings.

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Jon Grant Officially Back in the City Council Race With A“Bold Housing Agenda”

by Clifford Cawthon

On Saturday, Housing Justice activist and former Seattle City Council candidate, Jon Grant launched his campaign effort after announcing that he qualified for the new Democracy Voucher program on Wednesday. He announced that his campaign  for  one of Seattle’s citywide seats (Position 8) will be characterized by a ‘bold housing agenda’ to address Seattle’s rocketing housing costs. Continue reading Jon Grant Officially Back in the City Council Race With A“Bold Housing Agenda”

South Seattle Photographer’s Work to be Showcased at City Hall

SEATTLE – Today from 4- 6 p.m a reception for “The Gathering” Exhibit will be held at the Seattle City Hall’s lobby gallery. The reception marks the conclusion of “The Gathering” exhibit’s run at City Hall and recognizes and celebrates the community members, leaders, and artists who created the exhibit and generated a voice to address youth violence in the Rainier Beach community. The reception features brief remarks, refreshments, and a performance that was featured at the original “Gathering” event on May 31.

“The Gathering” Exhibit is composed of two featured works. The first featured work is a photo-documentary from Rainier Beach resident and artist Zac Davis titled, “The Rainier Beach Project: Overcoming Displacement.” This photo-documentary explores urban renewal and gentrification occurring in the Rainier Beach/Rainier Valley community and leverages the importance of all voices contributing to the building of community. Davis’ photo-documentary was featured as a part of the interactive event, Breaking the Pane. The second featured work is a glass mosaic, which is the result of the interactive event, Breaking the Pane. It was also designed to creatively explore the stories of the Rainier Beach community and identify collective and individual steps to address the negative perceptions of the community and reduce youth violence.

For one week in April, Breaking the Pane engaged the Rainier Beach community in storytelling to explore themes of community identity and perceptions. At five workshops, community members were asked to illustrate the words, feelings, or images that came to mind when they thought of the exact Rainier Beach location that they were standing in. The resulting clear window-like “panes” on one side illustrate how community members experience the five different Rainier Beach intersections while the other side depicts statistics of violence. The installation of assembled panes gives voice to the variety of perspectives regarding Rainier Beach and is the centerpiece that helped to turn the stories into action.

At the culminating event, “The Gathering,” on May 31, more than 150 local residents experienced the project through art, video, a photography exhibit and live storytelling, and challenged themselves (and the wider community) to let the stories inspire action. From this event, the community designed and implemented the action project, “Corner-Greeter Stands” which are weekly portable “greeting places” for the community to interact in creative and safe modes of engagement.

“The Gathering” event and Breaking the Pane are the result of a unique partnership between United Story, an organization that uses a story-telling platform to foster community-owned action, and Rainier Beach: A Beautiful Safe Place for Youth, an innovative, community-led initiative to address youth violence through non-arrest approaches.